10 Mysterious Pokemon That Have Big Puzzles For Fans gameandnews

The Pokémon universe has numerous mysteries to offer that are often not easily explained. Here we show you 10 Pokémon with bizarre properties that even make fans ponder.

Have you always wondered why some Pokemon a particular preference for objects seem to have? Many of the beloved pocket monsters apparently already hatch from the egg with a certain souvenir or receive it magically during further development.

That alone wouldn’t be so strange if the game or series at least provided information as to why a particular Pokémon likes to be with a loved one object of his choice walking around. Instead, the inventors leave us in the dark and leave behind big question marks.

Or they just deliver half-hearted explanationswhich usually also lack any logic. We now look at the following series of pictures 10 of these enigmatic pocket monsters on, have fun!

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The Pokemon starts things off Kadabra with a spoon. The first stage of development is Abra, which does not yet have a spoon. The third development stage with Simsala even has two spoons.

The reason for this can be found in one Pokédex entry of Pokémon Sapphire. So the spoon helps amplify his brain’s alpha waves to double the power of his telekinetic powers to release.

But why a spoon? Would every item made of the same material work? And will a drawer of spoons produce an invincible Kadabra? Coaches should definitely use theirs cutlery drawer keep an eye on, because Kadabra has to get his spoons from somewhere.

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At the Pokemon Porenta the leek that is carried along plays a very special role. Not only does the Pokémon use this for fighting, nest building and feeding This is used to ensure safety in emergency situations.

There is even information stating that the Pokémon cannot and will not live without the leek. That’s a statement. It should even be whole turf wars be guided around the highest quality poles. A big rastel remains at the end: Why a leek? We will probably never know.

camchan is an odd Pokémon in its own right: its physique makes it too human-like, which isn’t at all like the usual cute Pokémon. It’s even stranger origin of his clothing.

Either it will be with his clothes and boxing gloves born or receives them suddenly during development. Both pretty incongruous events. Where are the clothes from? Are they maybe stolen from somewhere? Apparently we will be left in the dark here too.

The Pokemon practical bar has an inexplicable fondness for wooden beams, after all it always carries one around. The bars are even one central element of its development.

Carrying heavier and heavier wooden beams, it comes closer to its development, to then as Strepoli even holding a steel girder in your hands.

So if the wooden beam has simply changed with it, Praktibalk may even be a secret alchemist? The Pokédex entry even states that Praktibalk helps out at construction sites to carry beams. So the love for carrying these weights must be great. But again, why?

Launched as an innocent and undressed mahollo, delights us Machoke after developing suddenly with a wrestler’s belt. Where does this come from? According to various Pokédex entries, the Belt as force limiter.

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Apparently Machoke is so strong and dangerous that only his loincloth can keep him from becoming too powerful. Also the further development mahomey wears such a belt. The belt probably couldn’t keep up with the power limit.

And why limit your own power when you want to be the strongest Pokémon? Another unsolvable mystery.

The Pokemon Rasaff gets in the advancement of Menki suddenly bondage-like maturity on the legs and arms. Where are these from? Do you have a backstory? Was Rasaff meanwhile tortured in a basement dungeon and could only free himself with difficulty?

It’s piling up many questions with the suddenly gained “body jewelry”. There are no entries for this in the Pokédex either. This, too, will probably remain an eternal mystery that the makers have given us.

The entire existence of Clavion revolves around keys. Not only does it itself resemble a lock, bunch of keys, and keys, but it actually carries someone else’s Key around with himself. These are either Gifts or items on loan, but sometimes also stolen goods.

According to the Pokédex entry, it steals keys from other households. And the Pokédex also states that Clavion is out inexplicable reasons is fascinated by keys. Maybe it’s a severe case of narcissism? We will probably never know.

The Pokemon Koalelu maintains an unusual lifestyle in that it is practically always asleep. It’s always gripping piece of wood. According to a Pokédex entry Pokemon moon Koalelu is said to have received the piece of wood from his parents when he was born.

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That might be true for wild koalelus, but how can that happen when a trainer incubates an egg? In addition, the Mating of two Koalelus difficult anyway if they sleep all the time. Again, we have a clear case of an inexplicable fondness for wood.

mimicry surround not only many mysteries, but also a quite one dark story. According to various Pokédex entries, Mimikyu wears a torn sheet, which a Pikachu costume should represent. It masquerades as Pikachu because it envies its popularity as a franchise mascot.

How does Mimigma know about the franchise? Is it a relaxed way to break the fourth wall? Mimigma is a solitary Pokémon that due to its sensitivity to light stuck under the sheet and just longing for friends.

Whoever sees the true form of Mimikima is said to die suddenly, so it writes Pokedex. It is also essential to mend his sheet if it breaks in a fight. But where does the costume actually come from? Is it born like this?

One thing is clear: there are many entwined around Mimikima mysteries and mysteries. We’ll probably never really make sense of it.

Fatalitee is another very bizarre type of Pokémon. Even if the ghost Pokémon initially after a Cup looks like, the actual body is the tea inside. Why is it looking for a teacup as a vessel? Why not a plate?

According to the Pokédex entry, the ghost will degenerate into stale black tea and hopes people will drink it so they can withdraw life energy can. That’s a dark side. Why the spirit cannot immediately pass into a human being will probably always remain a mystery.

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