Are you looking for a mobile phone tariff with a large data volume that can be canceled on a monthly basis? Then you should take a look at For a short time, there’s a whopping 20 GB of LTE, including an all-network and SMS flat rate, for a low price of EUR 9.99 per month. 20 GB, Allnet & SMS flat rate at a bargain price

At you can currently get a SIM-only mobile phone tariff with all 20 GB LTE data volume included Allnet and SMS flat rate for only 9.99 euros per month (view offer at The tariff is monthly cancellable and therefore perfect for anyone who already owns a smartphone and wants to stay flexible. The connection price is 19.99 euros and does not apply if you choose 24 months directly. But beware: the deal is only valid until February 21, 2023, 11 a.m.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

  • Provider: (Drillisch)
  • Network: o2
  • 20GB LTE-Data volume (max. 50 MBit/s)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • EU roaming included
  • Basic fee per month: 9.99 euros
  • Monthly cancellable
  • Provision fee: EUR 19.99 (not applicable for 24-month contract)
  • Automatic data: yes (can be switched off)

Prepaid or monthly terminable, which is the better choice? Find out in this video:

For whom is the tariff deal from worthwhile?

The offer is worthwhile for anyone who already owns a smartphone and also needs the right tariff. For only 9.99 euros per month you get one Carefree packagewhich is absolutely sufficient for daily use: EU roaming for travel and an all-network and SMS flat rate to be able to make unlimited calls and text messages. 20 GB data volume is enough for common applications such as mobile surfing, streaming music or films or chatting on the go. If you need more or less data volume, you have more options to choose from at Note, however, that 5G is not included.

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