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3 rules that every e-bike owner should follow gameandnews


The Cowboy 3 is a smart e-bike.

Even electricity prices at record levels did not stop the e-bike boom. More and more Germans dare to switch from classic bicycles to pedelecs. But the electric bikes need very special care that you should pay attention to. According to bicycle experts, three rules are particularly important.

Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW and Co. – no country in the world has such an important car industry as Germany. Nevertheless, more and more Germans are switching to bicycles – rising fuel prices, a lack of parking spaces and, last but not least, the idea of ​​climate protection are just a few reasons.

The e-bike is particularly popular: sales have exploded in recent years, from 980,000 e-bikes in 2018 to 2 million in 2021 (source: extra). Consequence of the boom: Many new e-bike owners who have not or only little concerned themselves with the pitfalls and pitfalls of their new e-bike.

This is how you extend the life of your e-bike

The ADFC knows that too, something like the ADAC for cyclists. The bicycle club gives in its club newspaper useful tips that extend the life of the e-bike should (source: ADFC via e-driver):

  • Regular cleaning and lubrication of the chain: Actually a matter of course and of course not just limited to e-bikes. This includes all parts of the chain, including sprockets and chainrings. Anyone who is sloppy here is doing their e-bike a disservice.
  • Switching operations under full load: A real sin that unfortunately many cyclists – with or without electric assistance – commit. Shifting operations under full load can affect the service life of the drive components.
  • Correct support level: Does it always have to be the full power of the engine? Especially when starting off, it can also be the lower motor support. This not only protects technology such as sprockets or rear tires, but also the battery – and conversely leads to longer ranges.
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Smart e-bikes are particularly trendy:

How much engine power is required?

If you are still planning to buy an e-bike, the ADFC recommends that you to think about the required engine power in advance. Because with a lower engine torque, the drive components also last longer. There is an overview of recommended e-bikes in our purchase advice.


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