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iOS 16 has been around for a few months: the update brings a number of innovations that make life easier for iPhone users. However, not every function is activated by default. GIGA explains which settings you have to change in iOS 16 to get the most out of the software.


Along with the iPhone 14 (Pro), Apple also launched iOS 16. iOS 16.3 is now available. But whether iOS 16 or 16.3: We’ll tell you 5 settings that you should change immediately after the update.

Enable battery percentage display in iOS 16

The battery percentage indicator makes a return in iOS 16. (Image source: GIGA)

With iOS 16, the battery percentage indicator celebrates its comeback. But it is disabled by default. To activate it, you have to go into the Go to Settings, then Battery and finally toggle the “Battery charge in %” toggle. A small downside: The percentage display is inside the battery symbol at the top right, which means that the icon is permanently filled in – regardless of how high the charge level is. Sometimes that can be confusing.

Disable search button on the home screen in iOS 16

If you are bothered by the search button on the home screen in iOS 16, you can also deactivate it. (Image source: GIGA)

In iOS 16 there is now one Search button on the home screen, which hovers over the app dock. This makes the search more convenient, but some might be bothered by it. To disable it, you have to go to the Settings, then on Home Screen and finally turn off the toggle under Search “Show on Home Screen”..

Turn on haptic feedback for keystrokes in iOS 16

Haptic feedback is now also available for the keyboard in iOS 16. (Image source: GIGA)

It took a long time, but in iOS 16 the iPhone now has it too haptic feedback on keystrokes receive. In plain language, this means that the iPhone vibrates a little after each keystroke. This function is switched off by default, but it can also be switched on with a few simple steps. For this in the Settings, next to Sounds & Feedback, then to Keyboard Feedback and finally activate the toggle under Haptics.


These features are also available in iOS 16:

Customize notifications in iOS 16

The notifications in iOS 16 can be customized. (Image source: GIGA)

With iOS 16, Apple gave notifications a spring clean. On the lock screen and in the notification center, the now shown below by defaultto make room for the lockscreen widgets at the top. In principle, this cannot be changed. But what can be changed is that manner of presentation. By default, the stack is, which can lead to missing the odd notification. We would therefore recommend the list. To change the view: Go to settings, then go to averaging and finally select the list.

Merge duplicates in Photos app in iOS 16

The Photos app can also merge duplicates in iOS 16. (Image source: GIGA)

Less a setting than a tip: In iOS 16 the Photos app now also recognizes duplicates and offers to bring them together. This ensures order and saves storage space. The setting can be found on the start page of the Photos app at the bottom under Miscellaneous.

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