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5G has long since arrived as a mobile communications standard in the here and now. This enables faster connections and huge amounts of data on the go via smartphone. Sounds like German cell phone users should be itching to sign a 5G contract right away. But it’s not that easy for Telekom, Vodafone and o2.

Telekom, o2 & Vodafone in trouble: 5G is too expensive

3G is history, 4G is gradually being overtaken, the 5G network is there to always provide us with fast internet on our mobile phones when we are on the move. So far at least the theory, because actually is just under half of the Germans once before connected to the 5G network been. This was the result of a study commissioned by the comparison portal Verivox.

According to this, 40 percent have already used the 5G network one or more times, while 49 percent have never used it. Another 10 percent don’t knowwhich speaks more for a no.

The chances of a stable 5G connection are no longer so bad: according to the Federal Network Agency In terms of area, 85 percent of Germany is covered by 5G (Source: Verivox). The possibility would be there, but only a few consumers use 5G. Why?

The answer is a clear message to providers like Telekom, o2 and Vodafone: 5G is too expensive. “The fact that 5G network usage remains below its potential is no surprise in times of high inflation”, says Jens-Uwe Theumer, Vice President responsible for the telecommunications industry at Verivox. If you want to use 5G, you need a device that is technically capable of doing so. Current mid-range smartphones are available with and without 5G connectivity. A 5G-capable chipset is standard only from the upper class.

Smartphone customers: 4G is just too good

Theumer knows: “Both components are comparatively expensive. Even three and a half years after the start of the network is still no 5G tariff in the discount segment So it’s a cost problem, consumers have to pay more for both the hardware and a 5G contract.

Has the future technology 5G kept its promises?

On top of that, the question arises for customers: Do I need 5G at all? “For the vast majority of applications However, 4G tariffs are still sufficient today, which often clearly more data volume offer and cost less than half,” explains the Verivox expert.

Felix Graves
Felix Gräber, GIGA editor, expert on electric cars, mobility and consumer issues

Paying more without real benefit – the customers of o2, Vodafone and Telekom don’t want to do that, understandably. Either it needs more attractive offers or a real need for 5G. What comes first? My tip: A discount provider offers a strong 5G contract for little money, preferably as a bundle with a cheap smartphone that can also use the technology. Then things can really get going.

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