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This year the time has finally come: Final Fantasy 16 appears. As the summer release gets closer, more information and gameplay will be revealed. However, not every scene is met with approval from the fans. We explain to you why an old tradition of all things has become a point of contention.

Final Fantasy 16: Awakening

No Final Fantasy has ever been this bombastic

Final Fantasy is the blockbuster among Japanese role-playing games and The expectations for the next part are correspondingly high. After all, the last parts, especially Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 15, have split the community into two camps. FF 16 is supposed to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

By the way, we have been able to play Final Fantasy 16 for some time. You can find our first impressions of the story and the combat system here:

A lot of new gameplay footage was also released as a result of the preview. Below is a scene which is currently being discussed on the internet. Specifically, it’s about the fight between two Eikons. These are huge monsters that fans of the series also know as beasts, espers or summons.

Before we explain the fans’ problem with this scene, take a look at the clip for yourself:

In general, the spectacle is quite well received, which the around 9,200 upvotes also speak forbut there are also countless comments like this one below the post:

“Isn’t that just a cutscene?”

“It’s a lot of effort to press a single button.”

“It looks cool but remains a boring quick-time event.”

Summarized: For some fans, this fight is more like a movie than a game. Nice to look at, but without real substance. And here lies the problem.

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The video is misinterpreted by fans

The fight is a special event in the game. Such scenes are a bombastic highlight. So if you think from the clip that all fights between the Eikons are like this, you’re wrong. Some users also refer to this in the comments.

In addition, the Final Fantasy series a long tradition of summoning monsters. Whether it’s Final Fantasy 6, 10, or 15, when a player summons a monster, an elaborate cutscene ensues that causes massive damage to the opponent. It’s always been like that!

In this respect, the series not only remains true to itself, but also takes this tradition to a new level.

Or as another user puts it:

“Oof, gamers are weird. If I’m feeling damn cool, I don’t care that it’s a QTE. I love the spectacle.”

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