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For a long time, things looked pretty bleak for diesel drivers at German gas stations. Now the ADAC is reporting with good news: For the first time since May 2022, the fuel is cheaper than Super E10. But diesel drivers still don’t get away cheaply.

ADAC: Diesel again cheaper than Super E10

A new evaluation by the ADAC has shown that diesel fuel in Germany is cheaper than Super E10 again after a while. The national average a liter of diesel currently costs 1.762 euroswhile a liter of Super 10 costs an average of 1,763 euros at petrol stations.

So that’s diesel for the first time in eight and a half months again cheaper than Super 10 to get. Most recently, drivers were able to fill up their vehicles with diesel for less on May 31, 2022 – which had to do with the start of the tank discount on June 1, 2022. Here, the tax on diesel was temporarily reduced by around 17 cents per liter. Gasoline received a higher tax rebate of 35 cents per liter during the three-month rebate. In comparison, diesel remained more expensive even after the end of the tank discount on August 31, 2022.

The actually good news for diesel drivers should still cause disillusionment at the pump: Although diesel is cheaper than petrol again, this is not due to a price reduction. On the contrary: Both diesel and petrol have become more expensive compared to the previous week. The price increase was only stronger for petrol than for diesel. Super E10 costs 2.6 cents more, diesel has become 0.6 cents more expensive.

Comparing the prices of different petrol stations can save money:

ADAC recommends refueling between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m

According to the recommendation of the ADAC, drivers should drive to the petrol station in the evening. Particularly between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. the prices drop for both diesel and petrol. In the morning, on the other hand, drivers pay an average of 15 cents more per liter (source: ADAC).

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