Airbnb kicks users out: It’s your friends’ fault gameandnews

Airbnb has confirmed that it may remove innocent users from the platform. According to the company, this should increase security. Affected users feel overwhelmed and wrongly accused.

Airbnb bans users because of fellow travelers

The rental platform Airbnb has publicly confirmedthat users are sometimes blocked even if they are not guilty of anything. The platform prefers to keep to itself how often this happens and when this practice started.

According to Airbnb, users will be banned if they are “probably” traveling with someone else, which has previously been blocked. This is classified as a security risk. The users who have been taken into custody can only return to the platform if they prove that they are not “closely connected” to the previously blocked person. For this purpose, a kind of appeals procedure was set up for people who feel wrongly blocked.

Affected users report, however, that this Procedures made opaque and frustrating may be. Airbnb itself has admitted that the system is not perfect. A month ago, two people were said to have been denied access to the platform because their daughter was previously banned. This was an error (source: Vice).

Not only accommodation, but also technology can be rented:

Airbnb ban: Fake credit card is enough

A US user affected by the ban reports that she because of a friend’s credit card was banned from Airbnb. According to her own statements, she was informed when asked that the platform had found her boyfriend accused of white-collar crime. Only if her boyfriend is unblocked again should she be allowed back on the platform herself.

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