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Small, light and practical: the AirTags are among the best products that Apple has brought to the market in recent years. The only disadvantage of the tiny trackers is their price. If you don’t want to pay, you can find the right alternative at Aldi from today – for less than half.

Everyone knows the situation: If you suddenly can’t find your wallet, keys or handbag, your heart immediately sinks into your pants. iPhone owners can get help with the AirTags. The small trackers can be attached almost anywhere and lead to the lost objects. However, the convenient everyday helpers are expensive: a single AirTag costs 39.99 euros from Apple. Aldi Nord, on the other hand, is cheaper.

Aldi Nord offers AirTag alternatives in a set of 2 for 29.99 euros

Maginon Smart Tags are a cheap alternative to AirTags. (Image source: Maginon)

As of today (Monday, March 27th), the discounter offers the Maginon smart tags at (see at Aldi). Aldi Nord charges for the set of 2 29.99 euros. For comparison: two AirTags cost around 80 euros at Apple.

What is special about the smart tags is their technology. Just like the AirTags, they use Apple’s Find My network to determine your location. The Maginon trackers are also visible in the “Where is?” app on the iPhone. In fact, they offer the same range of functions as the Apple original, but at a significantly lower price.

The only notable disadvantage of the Aldi alternative: Sun Smart Tags from Maginon are not as chic and small as AirTags. In view of the low price, however, this should be manageable. And: The smart carriers from Maginon come with a loop to attach them to backpacks, suitcases and the like. The AirTags do without that.

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How well do you know Aldi?

Only available in store

As of today (March 27), the smart tags are available from Aldi Nord. The trackers are only available in the branch. The scope of delivery also includes a replaceable button cell battery, which enables an operating time of approx. 1 year. The set of 2 costs 29.99 euros. The manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years.

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Note: An earlier version of the article said the trackers are coming from Medion. That is not correct. The smart tags are from the manufacturer Maginon.

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