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An ex-employee has spoken out with allegations against Google: The group has long ceased to be about users. Instead, employees are mainly occupied with bureaucratic tasks. Former employees have made similar allegations in the past.


Ex-employee criticizes Google

At Google, the needs of the users have not been the top priority for a long time. That’s what former employee Praveen Seshadri claims, who has also criticized the group in other ways. Today, employees would actually only care about them Fulfillment of internal bureaucratic tasks worry and lose sight of the actual goals.

Seshadri joined Google after acquiring his company Appsheet. According to a contractual clause, he was tied to Google for three years. He left the group immediately afterwards, according to his own statements. He describes why he took this step in a longer blog entry (source: medium).

According to Seshadri, Google’s 175,000 “skilled and well-paid employees” would “achieve very little.” This is due to the structure, which has continued to strengthen over time. Employees stand in front of you Maze of permits and constant reviews. They are trapped in bureaucratic tasks and cannot take care of their actual work.

At the top of the group, the ex-employee sees above all mismanagement. Google would no longer pursue a mission today, but one more “Delusion of Extraordinary” attach. Problems at Google have long been covered by the extremely profitable advertising division.


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Google: Products not from the user’s point of view

Criticism of Google’s internal processes is not new. Also that former Waze CEO Noam Bardin According to the company, who left the group in 2021, Google is hiring employees incorrectly. Products are not designed from a user perspective and employees have no incentive to develop them (source: Noam Bardin on LinkedIn). No one cares about problems as long as the stock price goes up.

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