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Amazon continues to pull out of retail. Now several of the Amazon Go branches are to be closed, as the group has confirmed. Officially, however, they want to stick to the concept of high-tech shops without cash registers.


Amazon is closing Go stores

Amazon has confirmed that several Go stores in the US will be closed in the near future become. Overall, the group wants to part with eight of the automated high-tech stores, two of which in downtown Seattle have apparently already closed their doors. This part of the city is known for crime and overt drug use. Amazon leaves open whether the shops had to close because of this.

In addition to Seattle, Amazon Go stores are also set to close in New York City and San Francisco. Until April 1, 2023 will continue to operate. According to a spokesman, Amazon wants to “continue to learn which locations and functions are best received by customers”. One would “regularly evaluate” the portfolio of deals and make decisions based on that (Source: GeekWire).

Even if shopping in Go branches is automated and takes place without checkout staff, Amazon still employs employees at the locations. These should now new tasks within the group receive.

Amazon states that it currently operates a total of 20 Go stores. In addition, the group also maintains so-called in some cities Fresh pickup locations. But things don’t seem to be going as planned here either. At the end of January, Amazon closed one of its Seattle locations. Customers could pick up groceries ordered here or arrange for parcels to be returned.

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More about Amazon Go can be found here in the video:

Amazon Go: A supermarket without checkouts

Amazon is thinning out its stationary business

The closure of Go stores is another sign that Amazon stationary trade reassessed. About a year ago it was announced that the bookshops and 4-star shops in the USA and Great Britain would be closed.

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