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Driving is already expensive enough. If you then make a small mistake and are asked to pay unnecessarily, the annoyance is particularly great. There are many traps lurking in everyday life that can result in unnecessary costs. With the electric parking disc currently on sale at Amazon, you drastically reduce the risk of getting a parking ticket.

Amazon sells electric parking discs particularly cheap

Update from March 15, 2023: The Needit Park Micro electronic parking disc is sold again for 23.95 euros (check it out on Amazon). We use this model in the family and so far it has worked perfectly and is hardly noticeable due to its compact size.

Needit Park Micro electronic parking disc with approval I digital parking meter micro blue with battery

Needit Park Micro electronic parking disc with approval I digital parking meter micro blue with battery

The price may be higher now. Price as of 3/15/2023 7:53 p.m

Note: The price on Amazon is currently fluctuating.

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In more and more parking spaces you have to display a parking disc to indicate when you have arrived by car. This is no longer only necessary in normal parking lots on the street, where you will not be asked to pay directly, but now also in many supermarkets. Partly with sensors or video surveillance, it is then recorded when you arrive. If there is no parking disc behind the windscreen, you are screwed and get a parking ticket.

This is exactly where the electric parking disc comes into play, which adjusts itself automatically. For only The PS1800 Park Micro fully automatic parking disc with approval is currently available from Amazon for 23.90 euros (view at Amazon). Normally you have to pay 30 euros or more for this. In a double pack you save a little more and only pay 40 euros (look at Amazon).

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As soon as the vehicle stops moving, the arrival time is automatically shown on a small display after more than 20 seconds. You don’t have to do anything else. The small device is simply attached to the windshield and works automatically from then on. The The entire system is approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. The relevant approval number is printed so that it can be checked during an inspection.

Some alternatives on Amazon:

Is it worth switching to an electric car now to save even more money?

What you have to consider with the electric parking disc

The electric parking disc only replaces a normal parking disc and not a parking ticket that you may have to take from a machine. It also doesn’t protect you if you park somewhere where you’re not allowed to park your car. Overall, such electric parking discs are very convincing, because you often avoid a ticket and quickly get the purchase price back.

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