Ambiguous dialogue upsets Twitch streamers gameandnews

A dialogue in Hogwarts Legacy raises a lot of frowns. (Image source: Warner Bros. Games)

Hogwarts Legacy is a resounding success. The magical open-world adventure is also one of the top games on Twitch. A dialogue in magic school now brings out the inner 14-year-old in streamer Trymacs.

Hogwarts legacy

“Crossed Wands” in Hogwarts Legacy trigger laughter

In Hogwarts Legacy you can make your dream come true. You’ve finally got a letter for the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the owl mail. The central tool is natural the wand. However, Twitch streamer Trymacs still gets naughty thoughts when asked if he wants to join the Crossed Wands.

Hogwarts Legacy - [PlayStation 4]

Hogwarts Legacy – [PlayStation 4]

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Well, they’re magic wands. That can happen. However, the dialogue about the Dueling Club gets a lot better. For example, the one who “is still standing at the end” wins. Besides, you can at the Crossed Wands also compete with a partner or “you do it alone”. Trymacs can only ask: “Who wrote that? Somebody has to hear that. What is he talking about all the time? It’s becoming more and more ambiguous.”

Check out Trymac’s Crossed Wands twitch clip here:

Ambiguity in Hogwarts Legacy: Trymacs is not alone

Trymac’s reaction ranges from a raised eyebrow to a confused head shake. And who can blame him? A look at the Twitch chat reveals that his viewers have exactly the same thought. In the end, they too give themselves up to laughter.

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There are, of course, hundreds of dialogues in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of them are probably quite harmless. Harry Potter fans can’t get enough of the magical adventure at Magic School. Of course, more content is needed now. There are already concrete wishes for a first DLC. Fans want Quidditch to return.

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