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Google has published the first test versions of Android 14 and in it an interesting innovation has been discovered that can protect you from your cell phone failing. It’s about a new alert that will be shown to you so you can respond.


Android 14 gets new battery warning

Modern Android smartphones warn you at a sufficient distance before your battery is completely empty. Usually you get a hint at 20 and 10 percent and you are suggested that you should switch to the energy saving mode. Certainly not many people like me do that, because they know that there is actually still enough runtime at 20 and 10 percent. so that you not be surprised by an empty smartphoneGoogle is supposed to follow suit with Android 14 (source: AndroidPolice).

If Android 14 is running on your smartphone, then you don’t just get one anymore Warning displayed at 20 and 10 percent, but also at 2 percent. So just before the smartphone really goes off, but still enough time to actually find a charging option. So you won’t suddenly be surprised by an empty smartphone when you’re still on the go. In this case, you can then only use the smartphone for the bare essentials and really activate the energy-saving mode if you can’t charge yet.

Many would be happy if they already had Android 13:

What else is planned for Android 14

Many more changes are planned for Android 14. Google wants to ban speed booster apps that have no effect but are very popular. Furthermore, Google wants to allow the cloning of apps for the first time. You probably already know it from many other smartphones. In addition, the battery life should improve through optimizations in the operating system and Google wants to better protect your location data.


Android 14 will therefore be a fairly extensive update, which will bring some new features that you will really feel and see. The new version is due to appear in a few months.

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