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If you like games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, we have a great game tip for you. In Dinkum you build a new life for yourself and that goes down incredibly well with Steam users.

Steam tip: Dinkum was already a huge success in Early Access

The likes of Stardew Valley and Phasmophobia have proven that games from a single developer can be hugely successful, and now it seems there’s another example. Developer James Bendon has worked on Dinkum for three yearsbefore he thought it was good enough to appear in Early Access on Steam.

The game would already be quite playable, but there are still features he would like to add to make the game feel complete. With the help of Early Access, he can work on Dinkum and at the same time involve the community – which has been enthusiastic so far. On Steam reached the game 95% positive reactions and thus a rating of “overwhelmingly positive”.

Get a first impression of the life and construction simulator in the trailer:

“Animal Crossing, only better. This game is worth every penny you pay for it. It’s just so serene and rewarding, I really enjoy it and highly recommend it,” wrote Steam user Maerie.

Steam user ian seems to particularly enjoy the multiplayer option and has one more suggestion:

“I like the game very much. A chill game with friends! But I have more than three friends to play with. It would be nice if there was a way to be on an island with more than three players.”


Dinkum: What is the game about?

Dinkum is the name of the Australian island you land on in the game. There you are building a new life, starting with a residence, a farm, and livestock. Have you always wanted a fancy pet? How about a giant wombat?

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The game relies on cooperation with other residents to allow the city to grow and become more diverse. Gathering resources plays a big role: Fishing, getting food, catching insects and if you want you can also donate to the museum to expand the collection. But beware, the island is not always safe. Crocodiles might attack you.

Would you like to try Dinkum? You can get the game on Steam for 16.79 euros (watch now on Steam).

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