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What does a good cordless vacuum cleaner have to be able to do nowadays? When it comes to the Chinese manufacturer Anker, the answer is: everything! The new premium model shows what is now technically possible.

Cordless vacuum cleaner “Mach V1 Ultra”: sucks and wipes, does not need a cable

The Mach V1 Ultra performs several different cleaning processes in one go. According to the manufacturer, it is the “world’s first cordless vacuum cleaner with a steam mop”. In addition to the actual basic “vacuum” function, dirt is also cleaned at 110 degrees loosened from the ground with hot steam and by built-in wipe function (roller) added. The suction power is given as 16,800 Pascal. The device is said to work as quietly as a dishwasher at just 65 decibels. The battery lasts up to 1 charge in suction mode 82 minutes through – which is an astonishingly high value in this type of device. As expected, the steam mode is much shorter at up to 15 minutes. The vacuum cleans and disinfects itself after use in its charging station.

Mach V1 Ultra vacuums, steams, mops, dries – and lasts up to 82 minutes on a single charge (Image Source: Anchor)

Vacuum cleaners that are also suitable for damp floor cleaning (“wet and dry vacuum cleaners”) or at least work with a roller to pick up dirt more effectively are not new in themselves. Functionally comparable devices are also available from Tineco (‎iFloor 3, view at Amazon) or Dyson (V15 Detect Absolute, view at MediaMarkt). The special feature of the Mach V1 Ultra is that so many functions have been combined here – and the device anyway wireless can be operated (dimensions 118 × 28 × 25.4 cm / weight: 5.7 kg). The Mach V1 Ultra is priced accordingly 799 euros already in the upper segment.

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Handle and controls of the Mach V1 Ultra in detail (Image Source: Anchor)

If the Mach brand sounds completely unfamiliar to you, that’s simply because it’s new. Behind it is the Chinese manufacturer Anker Technology, which is now expanding its brand portfolio (Soundcore, Eufy, Nebular) with an additional entry.

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Anchor wants to know

Just a few years ago, “Anker” was just a cheap accessory manufacturer for me, which you can find on Amazon: power supplies and power banks that are cheap and serve their purpose. In the meantime, the company’s brands are repeatedly advancing into areas that are occupied by expensive premium manufacturers. For example, the Soundcore Q35 is a serious headphone alternative to Bose and Sony (see GIGA test report). The new Mach V1 Ultra fits into the scheme: the high-quality design and the numerous functions are to be understood as a challenge to established household appliance manufacturers such as Dyson, Vorwerk and Bosch. This claim is ultimately also reflected in the price, because the high-tech cordless vacuum cleaner apparently wants nothing to do with the “cheap segment”.

Mach V1 Ultra: Price and Availability

A sight to behold: Mach V1 Ultra (Image Source: Anchor)
functions Vacuum, wipe, disinfect, steam clean, dry
Dimensions 118 × 28 × 25.4 cm
Weight 5.2kg
container size cleaning water tank
820 ml, dirty water tank
battery life up to 82 minutes (suction mode) / up to 15 minutes (steam mode)
change interval Filter and the roller brush: Every 6 months

The Mach V1 Ultra can now be ordered on the eufy website for 799 euros. From April 1st, 2023, the cordless vacuum cleaner should also be available from Amazon and retailers.

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