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WhatsApp should allow photos to be sent in their original quality in the future. (Image source: GIGA)

Millions of photos are sent via WhatsApp every day. Sending pictures is one of Messenger’s most popular features. So far, however, there has been one major disadvantage: the photo quality. But that will change in the future – and not just on smartphones.

Take a quick snapshot and send it to friends: messengers like WhatsApp have made sharing special moments child’s play. So far, however, the disadvantage of the speedy image dispatch has been the photo quality. WhatsApp doesn’t allow sharing photos in original quality. However, this restriction will soon be lifted.

WhatsApp wants to enable photos to be sent in original quality

Because WhatsApp is working on a new feature with which the Send photos in original quality is possible (source: WABetainfo). The feature was discovered in the beta version of the Android app ( and is currently under development. In the future, WhatsApp users will be able to use the gear icon to set whether the photo is sent in the original quality before the image is sent. Also on WhatsApp web the function should be included and enable the sending of photos in full resolution (source: WABetainfo).

So far, WhatsApp only allows the following quality levels for sending photos: Automatic, best quality and save data. The options can be found in WhatsApp settings. “The best quality media is larger, so it can take longer to send,” the messenger warns there. Sending it in original quality should take even longer – and your own Use data volume heavily when you are not on the WLAN.

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It doesn’t always have to be WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Status: Five new features

It is not yet known when WhatsApp will officially send pictures in original quality. The release is planned for a “future update of the app,” according to the WhatsApp experts at WABetainfo. If you don’t want to wait, you can use a little trick until then.

Five new functions for WhatsApp status are already available.

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