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Apache 207 is currently one of Germany’s most successful artists. The rapper is only known with his sunglasses. What does Apache 207 look like without glasses?

Famous artists often have trademarks that make them unmistakable. Sido and Cro, for example, became famous with masks, Slipknot does not even appear without a mask and there are no public pictures of Mark Forster without a hat. Apache 207 is also only known with his glasses.

Old video shows Apache 207 without glasses

There are no current, publicly available recordings of Apache 207 without glasses. The rapper is similar to Atze Schröder with his hairstyle, the trademark is closely linked to the public figure. Only an old music video from the past shows what the “Roller” star looks like without glasses. The video accompanies the 2018 song “Kleine H*re” and predates Apache 207 becoming as famous as it is today. You can see the spectacle-free performance from about 1:55 min:

Why does Apache 207 always wear sunglasses?

On “Amazon Prime” you can view the documentation “Apache stays the same” (to the documentation on Amazon Prime). There you can find out why the singer can only be seen with covered eyes. Accordingly, unlike Cro or Sido, he did not primarily plan to dress up. Unlike Heino, there is no eye disease behind it. The glasses should simply give him more security and distance from the public. “The eyes are the gateway to your soul. And I want people to see what I am willing to reveal of my soul“. So the utensil helps him to maintain a bit of anonymity and privacy.

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The Apache 207 documentary is included in the Amazon Prime video program. If you haven’t used the service yet, you can test Amazon Prime for free and watch the film “Apache stays the same” for free.

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