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If you love your MacBook, you want to protect it from premature wear and tear. Wear and tear? Which components on a modern Apple notebook can wear out even more today through frequent use? The logical answer: the battery. One or actually two apps want to prevent this from now on.


The battery of a MacBook suffers with every day of use, but there are tips and tricks on how you can extend the lifespan. For example, did you know that constantly charging a portable Mac’s battery to 100 percent isn’t such a good idea? This tends to damage the electricity dispenser and it loses performance more quickly over time, i.e. capacity.

Protect your MacBook battery intelligently: the “Battery” app pulls the plug automatically

It is therefore generally recommended, if possible, do not charge over 80 percent. The “optimized charging of the battery” has partly contributed to this since macOS Big Sur, but not consistently. In the end, the MacBook also charges to 100 percent here. But if you don’t want this and want to protect your MacBook even better, you have to act. But always keep an eye on it and pull the mains plug at 80 percent? Doesn’t sound very smart.

The Battery app in the menu bar. (Image source: GitHub)

Better are there Menu bar apps such as brand new “Battery” (via When activated, the app consistently allows the MacBook to be charged up to 80 percent, after that it’s over. Of course, the app can also be deactivated again if you need to be on the road with a “full tank”. But in general, a level of 80 percent state of charge for the battery of your MacBook is recommended for the power supply unit.

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You can find the “Battery” app right here GitHubfor a simple installation of the app there is also the necessary DMG file (view on GitHub). Alternatively, an installation for the terminal alone is also available. For professionals who can do without the menu bar interface.

Not everything you hear about batteries is necessarily true:

There is also an alternative “AIDente”.

By the way, if you need more comfort and a variety of options, you should alternatively use the Take a look at the “AIDente” app. This also regulates the charging process beforehand, but allows it even more settings and is available in a free version as well as a paid version (11.50 euros per year or 24.20 euros as a lifetime license).

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