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Apple is now offering a whole new way to shop for iPhones. Interested parties can be connected directly to an expert via video in the online shop in order to clarify outstanding questions. Initially, the service will only be offered in the United States.


iPhone purchase via video with Apple experts

Apple has announced the launch of its new service program, Shop With a Specialist Over Video. Here, customers when buying an iPhone in Apple’s online shop connected to a specialist via live video. With the new service, customers can find out about the latest iPhone models and functions, for example. Possible financing issues can also be clarified or the change from Android to iOS can be explained.

According to Apple, video chat is only available in the US. have customers daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m the opportunity to get advice from an expert. The specialists do not see the customers. Apple promises the video session is “safe and secure” (Source: Apple).

This is what live shopping at Apple looks like:

iPhone purchase via video with the help of Apple experts. (Image source: Apple)

The new video chat about iPhones is also offered. Previous options like text chat or phone calls are still available around the clock.

According to Karen Rasmussen, head of Apple Retail Online, customers are “picked up where they are”. Apple would constantly innovate to offer customers an “even more personalized experience”. The new live shopping experience is an “extraordinary service”.

You can see more about current iPhones in the video:

iPhone Live Shopping in US only

The Shop With a Specialist Over Video program is not available outside of the United States. In the announcement, Apple doesn’t indicate if and when it will be offered in other countries.

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The Swedish payment provider Klarna is already one step further. Online shopping via live video has also been available in Germany since May 2022.

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