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A new iMac is in the works at Apple, but it will take even longer to complete. There is a good reason for the delay, because Apple would like to skip a processor generation without further ado.


Update February 13, 2023: Who still on one new iMac wait, he must continue to exercise patience. Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman is now reaffirming his prediction from last year. As a result, the iPhone manufacturer is planning an update of the current model at the end of 2023 at the earliest – more than 2.5 years after product launch (source: Bloomberg).

Apple has a good reason for this, because instead of an M2 chip, the new Al-in-One should then come with the one that is yet to be presented M3 chip be equipped. But Apple has to announce that first. We already know that the M3 will be manufactured in the new and efficient 3 nm chip design. In short: the wait should be worth it.

Original article:

The current iMac with M1 chip was introduced in April 2021 – almost 600 days ago. This year there was no update and you have to wait even longer. Apple insider Mark Gurman reveals that Apple at the end of 2023 at the earliest will present a new iMac (Source: Bloomberg).

iMac 2023: M3 chip coming at the end of next year

The current model has already been sold for almost 600 days. A new iMac would be long overdue, but Apple has a very special plan for the all-in-one computer. It shouldn’t get the current M2 chip, but rather skip this generation and instead get the M3 right away. Not much is known about the 3rd generation of Mac chips from Apple. But the iMac is likely to be one of the first, if not the first computer to get the new chip.

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The form should stay with us:

In the video: Apple presents the iMac 2021

Likewise, Apple is still supposed to be working on one new iMac Pro work with a larger display, but this project still remains in the dark and Gurman does not provide any further information on this.

However, even before the M3 sees the light of day in the new iMac, Apple will present the performance-enhanced versions of the M2 next year. The M2 Pro is expected for the new MacBook Pro (14 and 16 inches) and for the top version of the Mac mini. Apple may also use the Pro chip in a larger MacBook Air (15.5 inches). There will also be the M2 Max (MacBook Pro and Mac Studio) and the M2 Ultra (Mac Studio and Mac Pro). Surprisingly, there isn’t supposed to be an even more powerful version (M2 Extreme) – too expensive in the end even for Apple and its customers.

A very special iMac:

Larger difference in performance expected

The bottom line: If you don’t need a new iMac right away, you might prefer to wait. After all, there will no longer be a model with an M2. Then it’s worth waiting for the model with the M3 chip. The Performance difference between M1 and M3 should then something greater stand out. The M2 was and is just an evolutionary step compared to the M1. A good reason to exercise patience.


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