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Apple has released an extensive update for its Maps app in Germany. New features include navigation for cyclists. A detailed 3D view of some cities can now also be found. Better augmented reality navigation is available for pedestrians.


Apple Maps: Bicycle GPS for Germany

It was already available in other countries, now it is available Navigation for cyclists also for German users from Apple Maps. With the major update, cyclists can use the Maps app for navigation and route planning across the country. This can also be done by voice command on the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple’s Maps app offers cyclists a exact elevation profile for the selected route at. It is also mentioned exactly where cyclists can expect noticeable gradients. The app also indicates places where cyclists may have to dismount.

When planning a route, users can specify whether busy roads should be avoided as far as possible. There is no such option on Google Maps. Apple Maps also shows whether a section is on the road or on a bike path. Bicycle workshops and other important points are highlighted in the app. The estimated time of arrival and your own location can be shared with third parties.

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Apple Maps: 3D views and AR navigation

In addition to bike navigation, Apple has implemented other functions. For the first time stand for Berlin, Munich and Hamburg detailed 3D cityscapes ready. (Source: hot online). The existing augmented reality navigation for pedestrians has been expanded to include the cities of Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Leipzig and Stuttgart. Here users can see information about the route in the live camera image.

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Apple wants the upgraded maps app in the next few weeks or months also offer in Austria. Switzerland was already supplied at the end of 2022. Users in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain and Belgium have been able to use it for some time.

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