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Even if Apple TV+ is still the underdog of the streaming services, there is usually much more to offer in terms of quality. Netflix and Co. can get jealous. Now Apple’s flagship among the series is finally being extended and getting a start date for the 3rd season.


Netflix is ​​jealous: Sequel to Apple’s “Ted Lasso”

“Ted Lasso” on Apple TV+ is an unprecedented success story. Who would have thought that a comedy series about a football coach of the same name, who goes to England to coach a football club of all things, would be so impactful and touching?

The first season home an incredible 20 Emmy nominations a – a new record. “Ted Lasso” was then able to take seven of them home with him. Season 2 repeated the unbelievable, again garnering 20 Emmy nominations. This time, however, “only” four of them could be converted into won trophies. With such a success, the competition from Netflix and Co. could envy the underdogs at Apple.

Apple’s Season 3 teaser trailer:

Ted Lasso: Season 3 teaser

Ever since Apple released the final episode of Season 2 on October 8, 2021, the global fan community has been waiting for the success story to continue. Now the streaming provider is finally revealing the start date for season 3. On March 15th the time has come – Kick-off for probably the last season of “Ted Lasso”. By the way, Apple TV + also changes its premiere day, instead of Friday there are new episodes directly on Wednesday.

Series and season finale will be released in late May

In it’s entirety 12 new episodes there will be, the last of which will be released on May 31, 2023. Similar to Disney+ and unlike Netflix, episodes will only be released weekly and not all at once. The advantage for the provider: interest in the series lasts longer and customers are forced to purchase Apple TV+ for the entire period.

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By the way: The high quality of the series is not only reflected in the number of Emmy nominations. “Ted Lasso” was rated an incredibly good 8.8 out of 10 by the renowned IMDb. The pros at Rotten Tomatoes even forgive 95 percent. Ergo: You just have to turn it on.

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