Apple’s spring surprise: MacBook buyers should wait gameandnews

Are you currently considering buying a new MacBook Air with an M2 chip? You should rather wait a little longer, at least if it can be one size larger for you. Apple has a big surprise in store for spring.


There were rumors at the end of last year, but now the well-known industry insider Ross Young has committed himself and expects a new model of the MacBook Air for the beginning of April. Special feature: A larger 15-inch display (Source: MacRumors).

New MacBook Air: 15-inch model from Apple in April

The expert has heard that the corresponding display is already being produced. Just in time for a market launch and an Apple event in the spring. Important to know: The new model should not already replace the well-known 13-inch variant, but rather complement. Customers who are interested in a larger screen no longer necessarily have to go for the oversized MacBook Pro.

Further details about the new model are not yet known and so are the biggest question therefore remains unanswered: Will the new and larger MacBook Air house an M2 or the to-be-announced M3 chip? Viewed conservatively, there is a lot to be said for the well-known M2 chip. On the other hand, according to rumors, Apple also wants to introduce the M3 in 2023 and possibly equip a MacBook Air with it. The great advantage of the M3 lies in its efficiency. Thanks to the new 3 nm design, the chip is more powerful but also consumes less power – ideal for a mobile computer.

Will probably get a bigger brother in April:

M2 or M3? The big question

So wouldn’t it be unreasonable for Apple to announce a model with the “old” processor in the spring? This perfectly legitimate question has yet to be answered. But it’s not long until April. More rumors and reports will probably surface in advance and shed some more light on the darkness.

Just this much: Ross Young was often spot on in the past. The announcement should be accordingly not dismissed as mere madness become. Something is up at Apple and it’s rustling pretty hard right now.

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