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In Atomic Heart you are immersed in a dystopian alternate world where some surprises await you. But what about the playing time? In the following we tell you the playing time and scope of Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart

Playtime from Atomic Heart

If you Focused solely on Atomic Heart’s main missions, you should be able to complete it in about 20 to 24 hours with the offline shooter be through.

In addition to the main missions, you can also complete side missions and side activities in the open world, including, for example, different collectibles that are also necessary for all trophies and achievements. For some side quests you get new weapons as a reward, so side quests are certainly recommended.

The side missions and side activities, such as the optional dungeons (testing areas). about 15 to 25 hours take time.

So if you 100% of the game want to achieve, Atomic Heart offers a playing time of about 35 to 50 hours. Surely your playing time also depends on your chosen level of difficulty. The harder you set it, the longer or shorter your playing time could be.

Atomic Heart can take up to 50 hours of gameplay.  (Image source: Mundfish)
Atomic Heart can take up to 50 hours of gameplay. (Image source: Mundfish)

To avoid any spoilers, we won’t tell you anything specific about the story of the game. However, we can tell you that within the story about 1.5 hours of video sequences are waiting for you and some things are not what they seem at the beginning. In addition to the dangerous robots, some mysteries are waiting for you, which you will uncover as Major P-3.

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What do you think of the playtime and scope of Atomic Heart? Is it too long or too short for you for an offline shooter? Write us in the comments, we are interested in your opinion!

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