Balcony power plant with 800 watts: buy now or wait? gameandnews

The federal government is planning far-reaching easing for balcony power plants, which will make the mini solar systems even more attractive for you. But is it worth buying now or should you wait a little longer? That’s exactly what we’re going to answer for you now.

Output for balcony power plant should increase

Germany should become more climate-friendly and balcony power plants should make a major contribution to this. They don’t cost much, can be set up and connected by anyone and last over 25 years. The In any case, it is worth buying. But changes are planned that will turn some rules upside down.

So far, balcony power plants have been allowed to output a maximum of 600 watts of power. You can use stronger solar cells, but the inverter can only feed 600 watts into the home network. This is exactly what should change and probably be adapted to the rules in Europe. You can feed in 800 watts there for a long time. With more power, more energy can of course be saved if it is also consumed. Then The excess energy is not stored or paid for.

This balcony power station with 830 watts is legal:

So should you buy an 800 watt balcony power station now? No, because the changes have not yet been decided. If you want to be on the safe side, you’ll probably have to wait until May 2023. Then the photovoltaic strategy should be decided. Only from then on would balcony power plants with an inverter that outputs 800 watts to the home network be legal.

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In the video we tell you when a balcony power plant is worthwhile:


What will happen to 600 watt balcony power plants?

The manufacturers will certainly quickly focus on inverters with 800 watts and primarily offer them in sets with even more powerful solar modules. 600 watt models would become obsolete. That doesn’t mean that your balcony power plant with 600 watts is useless. You have to be able to use the 800 watts properly. I can’t even do that with my 600-watt balcony power station and I’m giving away energy. More is better, but it could be through the new inverters will also be somewhat more expensive.

Either way, we all have to wait and see whether and, if so, which changes will be decided from May. We will keep you up to date.

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