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Anyone who likes to ride a bicycle or e-bike may have had a tough few years. Hardly any means of transport was in such demand. Prices have skyrocketed if you could still get hold of a two-wheeler at all. That time is over now.

Good time for bike buyers: After years, prices are falling again

The Time for bargain hunters among cyclists has come as all signs point to falling prices. The goods from 2021 and 2022, some of which have been outstanding since the pandemic, have arrived at the retailers. In some cases, the manufacturers have already delivered wheels for 2023. The traders the warehouses fill up – and want to be emptied again.

“Sales activities with relatively large discounts were initially seen in online retailers and increasingly also in specialist shops,” says Thomas Kunz, Managing Director of the German Bicycle Trade Association (VDZ) about the time around the turn of the year (source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).

discount battles Kunz doesn’t want to be a dealer representative, but it can still happen now. For example, the manufacturer Rose, which is well-known in Germany, corrected its prices significantly downwards by 15 percent last winter. Over time, they should prices go even further down. This is also due to inflationary pressures on general demand.

The more valuable the bike, the better you should pay attention to it:

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All those who are likely to benefit even more not interested in an e-bike. While interest in buying electric bicycles is increasing, fewer classic bicycles are being sold in Germany. The experts expect that e-bikes will even take the lead in sales figures for the first time in 2023. At Bikes without an electric motor have even better chances of getting a bargain, because dealers have a harder time getting rid of them.

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It can be worth waiting: After the cycling season, big discounts beckon

If you also have a little more staying power, you can hope for even more leeway with the price of the new bike. Because the high stocks cannot be sold this year. If the 2023 cycling season is coming to an end and the uncomfortable weather returns, prices could plummet again. At the end of the season you will see the prices “return to 2019 levels”, says Tobias Hempelmann, Kunz’ vice at VDZ (source: Handelsblatt).

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