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Bluetooth issues in Android 13 can be dangerous.

Some technical problems are just annoying, while others can be life-threatening. For diabetics, that’s exactly what a new Bluetooth issue in Android 13 is all about. Indirectly, even more people are at risk.

Around 11 million Germans are diabetics. However, many people can now do without the famous spikes for blood sugar measurement. This is made possible by modern sensors in the form of plasters, which send the blood sugar level wirelessly to the cell phone. A smooth Bluetooth connection is essential for this. Right here makes Android 13 but problem.

Android 13 causes problems with blood glucose meters

There is always Breaks in the Bluetooth connectionreport diabetics (source: daily News). Important warnings from the meters when the blood sugar level is too high or too low simply do not come through. In the worst case, this can lead to life-threatening situations – for example driving or operating heavy machinery, if the circulation tips away due to hypoglycaemia. So everyone is indirectly affected, not just diabetics.

Google knows the problem and already has one Fixed published. “We are aware of the problem that has affected Bluetooth connectivity for some users and published a solution for this in December 2022,” the company told BR. The catch is that many manufacturers of Android smartphones apparently have it not rolled out yet. It’s the known Android update issue.

The innovations of Android 13 at a glance:

Manufacturers recommend disabling automatic updates

Abbott and Dexcom show how serious the Bluetooth problem is. The two leading measuring device manufacturers even recommend their users to use the disable automatic operating system updates on their smartphones, until it is clear that the problem is solved. When asked by BR, Abbott said they had identified the problem and were working on a fix. According to Dexcom, their own devices are not compatible with Android 13.

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