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The range is still one of the key arguments when choosing an electric car. For most customers, the further the better. Tesla should hardly fit this attitude, because the Stromer from the USA can not keep up with the German competition.


BMW and Mercedes pass: Germans can do longer than Tesla

Anyone who decides to buy an e-car often looks at the maximum range. While the various brands usually advertise with the so-called WLTP value, it often looks different in real operation. The possible ranges according to the manufacturer are usually not possible in everyday life. The practice comparison of the ADAC is more helpful – and will be for Tesla to a moderate failure.

Because the US manufacturer, which has actually been known for the best electric cars for years, is in the range on the way down:

Statista used ADAC tests to compare the range. (Image source: Statista)

Just two years ago, Tesla was able to Model X with a 100 kWh battery, get the most kilometers out of one charging stop. In 2023 they will be enough 451 km everyday range according to ADAC only for eighth place (source: extra).

The top positions are shared by the German brands BMW and Mercedes, with the Bavarians taking overall victory. The current The most enduring electric car in the ADAC test is the SUV BMW iX xDrive with 610 kmuntil it goes back to the charging station.

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Mercedes’ currently most powerful e-car in series, the sedan EQS 450+, has a range of 575 km. However, the Stuttgart-based company is already working on completely different top values: the EQXX concept vehicle already made it in a test drive over 1,000 km without a charging stop – and still had a decent amount of charge left in the battery. BMW, on the other hand, has rejected extreme ranges of more than 1,000 km. Technically it is possible, but the customers would simply don’t need cars that can go that far.

In the most recent presentation, BMW placed less importance on range than on a brightly colored appearance:

With the i Vision Dee, BMW presents a brightly colored electric car concept

Tesla no longer sets the tone when it comes to electric cars

From Tesla’s point of view, one thing is particularly bitter about the defeat: the two German brands achieve their significantly better ranges with almost the same size battery as the Model X. They get more out of using the available energy more efficiently. Technically, Tesla is no longer up to par. Elon Musk has just made it clear that nothing will change in the near future.

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