Buying a balcony power plant on eBay: It doesn’t get any cheaper than this gameandnews

Many retailers now offer mini solar systems that you can simply plug into the socket and produce your own energy. However, the prices vary greatly. Well-known solar dealers often sell their balcony power plants on eBay. That’s where the cheapest prices are currently.

Buy Balcony Power Plant on eBay

If you want to buy a balcony power plant, you should definitely take a look at eBay. There, various solar dealers who have already sold thousands of mini solar systems and other solar products have really good offers. The dealers put together complete packages with two solar cells, a micro-inverter, the cable and an adapter at prices sometimes below 600 euros. Usually the shipping costs are already included, so you get a balcony power plant at a really cheap price that saves you money.

You should know the following offers:

The different packages differ in the power, color and size of the solar panels and the inverter. If I were to buy a balcony power plant again now, it would definitely be one with solar panels, that reach over 800 watts and with a microinverter that has WiFi in it. So like this model for 600 euros (look at eBay).

Balcony power plant 600W/840W photovoltaic solar system BlackFrame Ready to plug in WIFI

Balcony power plant 600W/840W photovoltaic solar system BlackFrame Ready to plug in WIFI

The price may be higher now. Price from 02/16/2023 16:11

The reasons are obvious. Even if a maximum of 600 watts are output, one generates simply more energy when the weather is bad. In addition, a maximum of 800 watts should soon be possible. Then you only have to replace the micro inverter and you can use more energy immediately. So it’s worth preparing for the upcoming rule changes. Such a micro inverter costs a maximum of 200 euros. So if you replace it after a few years, all the fun will pay off a lot more.

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This is what you need to know about balcony power plants:

Buy a balcony power plant from other retailers

If you don’t feel like buying on eBay, you can also go to other retailers. You can now find balcony power plants at Amazon, MediaMarkt, Netto and Otto. The prices there are usually a bit higher than at eBay dealers. Also check whether there are subsidies for mini solar systems in your region.

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