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If you store your payment details with the music streaming service Spotify, you should also choose a secure and individual password. Here you can find out how you can change your Spotify password and what you have to do if you have forgotten your password.

In the past, hackers have unfortunately been able to get hold of Spotify passwords and user data more often. In the event of a hack – but also if friends or acquaintances accidentally got hold of your password – you should update your password as a precaution.

Change Spotify Password (PC & Smartphone)

Depending on whether you set your own Spotify password when registering or whether you use your Facebook account to register, you have to proceed differently if you want to change your Spotify password.

Update your Spotify password

  1. opens Spotify website in a new tab of your browser – you cannot change the password in the app.
  2. Chooses “Register” off, on the smartphone you have to do this beforehand Menu icon (≡) tap.
    Change Spotify Password Login
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  3. Click on yours on the PC account name and then up “Account”. On your smartphone, you tap this gear icon and then up “View Account”.
  4. On the Account Summary Once you have arrived, you select the item from the menu “Change Password”.
  5. Submit here now “Current password” Enter your currently used password.
    Change Spotify password
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  6. Under “New Password” and “Repeat new password” enter your new desired password.
  7. Finally, select the button “Set up a new password‘ to update your password.
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Facebook password?

If you registered with your Facebook account when registering for Spotify, you must change your Facebook password. We explained how to do this in the following article:

reading tip

Marco Kratzenberg

Important for subscription services, e-mails, online shops and all other services on the network where personal data is stored, never use a password twice. This would give third parties the opportunity to get additional data such as payment information, addresses and more. If you no longer use a service, it is therefore advisable to have the account deleted. You can find out how to do this in the case of the music streaming service here: Delete Spotify account.

Reset Spotify Password

Of course, you can also reset your password if you forgot it, for example.

  1. Opens the Spotify website for Reset your password in a new tab.
  2. Enter your email address or your Spotify username there and click on Send”.
    Reset Spotify password
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  3. You should now see a message from Spotify in your email inbox with the subject “Reset Password arrive. If necessary, also check your spam filter.
  4. Click on the link in the email. On the website you have to enter your new password twice to avoid typing errors.
  5. Finally click “Set up a new password”to complete the process.

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