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The EU wants to ban combustion engines from 2035. For a long time it was said that member states like Germany were also on board. As a survey shows, this is not the case. The majority of Germans do not want to do without petrol and diesel.


Germans are turning their backs on e-cars: the majority want to keep combustion engines

Germany does not want to turn its back on combustion engines: Two-thirds (67 percent) of those surveyed at ARD Germany trend have against the planned end of combustion engines pronounced by the EU from 2035. The approval for the end of gasoline and diesel falls significantly lower at 25 percent from (Source: Tagesschau).

Actually, the final decision should have already been made and it should be clear that from 2035 only new cars that no longer emit CO₂ emissions may be registered. In fact it would be end for the internal combustion engine, though not by name. Above all, the survey on behalf of ARD in Germany agrees with the plan younger people under 34 (33 percent) or people with higher educational qualifications (34 percent).

However, there is no majority in these groups that supports the EU plans either. Only among Green voters would the ban on combustion engines actually have a majority of 69 percent. For the ARD Deutschlandtrend, 1,215 eligible voters were surveyed by telephone or online.

In this respect, the initiative by Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing did not come out of nowhere. He had denied Germany’s approval of the current plans without a solution for combustion engines from 2035 and thus delayed the final vote. At first there was little support for Wissing’s plan However, the survey should give him a fresh boost.

The question of which drive is more worthwhile has seldom been as open as it is today:

Compromise: e-fuel cars not combustion engines?

In the meantime, the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport of the EU Commission, led by Volker Wissing, has one proposed compromise. Accordingly, a new vehicle category exclusively for e-fuels should already be introduced for Euro 6. Vehicles that are only operated with e-fuels could then be counted towards fleet limits in the next step after the ban on combustion engines comes into force (source: Heise online).

Ultimately, the minister has in mind one Special path for e-fuels to go. Cars that are fueled with e-fuels should be considered individually and would then not be affected by a ban. Appropriate By the way, there are no vehicles that only fill up with e-fuels for a long time. Whether that will change also depends to a large extent on whether Wissing’s plans work out.

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