Combustion engine end in danger: first EU country defends itself gameandnews

The end of combustion engines from 2035 is a done deal, but one EU country is giving up. Italy wants to soften the climate targets to protect its own auto industry. The times and ways of the EU would not match the reality in Italy.

Combustion engine off: Italy softens goals

The EU has just decided to end new cars with combustion engines from 2035. Now critical voices from Italy are increasing. The country wants to present a counter-proposal to protect its own auto industry. Instead of reducing the CO₂ emissions of new cars by 100 percent from 2035 as planned, 90 percent should also be sufficient (source: Corriere della Sera).

According to Italian Vice President and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, the auto industry should be given more opportunities to adapt to new circumstances. The ambitious goals of the EU should not only be on paper, but can also be achieved in reality. He himself is a “big supporter of the electric car”, but his country is simply lagging behind in the conversion of the automotive sector. Investments must now be accelerated.

After the EU Commission, EU Parliament and member states have agreed on an end to combustion engines from 2035, that is still missing Approval of the states in the EU Council. But this is considered safe.

When it comes to e-cars from China, you should take a close look:

Italy: e-car sales are declining

In Italy, e-cars only had one last year Share of 3.7 percent in all new registrations, the sale of fully electric cars even fell significantly in 2022. Compared to the previous year, sales fell by 27 percent.

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To promote electric vehicles, the Italian state has one for the years 2022 to 2024 Fund with around 8.7 billion euros hung up. Depending on the vehicle type, buyers receive a subsidy of up to 7,500 euros if they scrap their combustion engine. However, a subsidy is also available if you buy a car with low CO₂ emissions.

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