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Many sci-fi fans are already looking forward to the blockbuster Rebel Moon, which is scheduled to be released on Netflix in late 2023. Director Zack Snyder now reveals that the space epic will also be adapted as a huge RPG.


The sci-fi film Rebel Moon is scheduled to land on Netflix on December 22, 2023, marking the end of the year with an opulent space adventure. The fans’ expectations of Zack Snyder’s latest work are high and the director has now revealed in a podcast that he too in a gigantic role-playing game in the universe of the film is working.

Rebel Moon: Netflix blockbuster becomes an RPG

Snyder has the plans for the Rebel Moon RPG in the podcast The Nerd Queens discussed. Someone would have pitched him the upcoming RPG and because he always wanted to develop an RPG, he would have accepted. The upcoming sci-fi game is huge and would represent a fully decorated universe.

Check out the 2023 trailer for all upcoming Netflix blockbusters here:

Netflix Movies 2023 English Trailer

Snyder did not want to reveal any further details, especially since he was not at all sure whether he was even allowed to talk about the project. It is also not yet clear whether the game would appear parallel to the release of Rebel Moon, but Snyder emphasized that the work was very time-consuming. (Source: YouTube)

Netflix: Can Rebel Moon live up to hopes?

Zack Snyder is currently one of the most controversial filmmakers ever – Fans celebrate his visually bombastic productions such as Justice League’s Snyder Cut, which lasts just over 4 hours. Critics, on the other hand, find his more recent films, especially in the DCEU, hopelessly overloaded, emotionally bumpy and technically immature.

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However, Snyder is still an important creative head for Netflix, because his films ensure high ratings despite their questionable quality. His final directorial work for the provider, Army of the Dead, consisted essentially of huge logic holes, unlikable characters, dropped plot lines and lots of genre clichés, is still one of the biggest hits of the streaming service. The hyped sci-fi epic Rebel Moon will most likely continue this trend. (Source: WeGotThisCovered)

Zack Snyder has already triumphed at the Oscars – so far others have caused huge scandals:

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