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The dating app WooPlus focuses less on superficiality, but rather wants to offer a safe space. We will show you which functions the app offers and what costs you have to expect with the premium version.

You probably know this: You open your dating app and decide at first glance whether you like the profile displayed or not and swipe left or right accordingly. However, the first glance can often be superficial and people may be given a “nope” because of their physique. The dating app WooPluswhich has been on the market since 2015, wants to change that and Dating without body shaming make possible.

WooPlus: dating app with Safespace

The world of online dating has several sides: On the one hand, of course, the romantic idea of ​​having the opportunity to get to know different people via an app and to find love among them. On the other hand, the world of Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid can be superficial, as much is decided at first glance. When people don’t conform to the norm, it can hurt them.

The WooPlus app offers a safe space for this: Because WooPlus is above all intended for people who are overweight. The company describes it on your website as follows: “WooPlus is the dating app for curvy people to enjoy dating free from body shaming.” So WooPlus wants for more inclusion in online dating care for.

When it comes to use, WooPlus does not differ much from other well-known dating apps: You can fill out your profile by asking questions about yourself – but the question about your physique is very specific. Then all you have to do is turn on the location so you can see who’s nearby. With a Click on the X or Heart icon you can finally decide whether you are interested in the respective users or not.

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WooPlus: Write with ChatGPT

However, WooPlus is not only characterized by the plus-size dating, but also by the ChatGPT integration to the news function. At the end of 2022, the artificial intelligence (AI) from OpenAI was released and nobody has probably missed it since then. If you log in to ChatGPT, you can ask the AI ​​anything that’s on your mind. On WooPlus, you can use the green “Help me reply” button to… well, get help replying from ChatGPT.

According to WooPlus, internal tests have shown that using ChatGPT the Engagement in matches increased by 200 percent (Source: WooPlus). On the one hand, users like ChatGPT because the AI ​​can be a helpful support for the first step or general communication. On the other hand, they have noted that the AI ​​sometimes makes them and their match come across differently than they really are. In the screenshot below you can see what an AI-led chat looks like:

A screenshot of a chat on dating app WooPlus, created by ChatGPT.
The AI ​​ChatGPT is designed to help break the ice when chatting with the match (Image source: WooPlus)

WooPlus: That’s the cost

Free features

The use of WooPlus is free in the basic version: That means you can easily create an account, swipe through different profiles and write messages to your matches.

under the function “Daily picks“ you will be shown the people who, according to the app, are a good match for you, whereby you can filter by distance, popularity and “who is currently online”. The feature “Moments” you can also use it for free and post a selfie with a question or an idea to start a conversation with other users – similar to a forum.

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Paid features

But of course there are also individual functions with WooPlus that you can only use with a paid subscription, WooPlus VIP, can use. As a VIP member, you have the opportunity when dating more filters to use and can write to users before the match.

You can also become a WooPlus VIP undo accidental nopessee who has given you a like and under the “Daily Picks” tab mentioned above you also have the “VIP” filter, which shows you other premium subscribers.

If you want to use a paid subscription to WooPlus, it will cost you 19 euros for 1 monthfor 6 months a total of 60 euros (i.e. 10 euros per month) and fFor 12 months a total of 103 euros.

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