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Due to the unmanageable mass, we are already used to a lot of average and also a lot of bad things from Netflix. The situation with Apple TV+ is different. The up-and-coming streaming service has so far been able to convince with high quality and is now making a real crash landing with a much-anticipated series.


A comment by Sven Kaulfuss.

In contrast to Netflix, the so-called “output” on Apple TV+ is quite low. Then a series or a film ends up at the emerging streaming service, the high quality makes up for the lack of quantity. That’s how I like it. Apple has always known that less is more.

Accordingly, I looked forward to the premiere of “Extrapolations” with high expectations. Launched a few weeks ago Trailer promised top-class entertainment. A climate thriller from the hand of Scott Z. Burns, who already shockingly anticipated the effects of the corona pandemic with “Contagion” in 2011, among other things.

If Meryl Streep, Edward Norton, Tobey Maguire, Forest Whitaker or Kit “Jon Snow” Harington also play, then “Extrapolations” simply has to be good.

“Extrapolations” on Apple TV+: A single serial disaster

I thought so too, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I switched off during the second episode. What could have been an exciting anthology series on global warming, turns out to be a long-winded sleeping pill right from the start. One wishes that the comet from “Don’t Look Up” would stop by during this cinematic catastrophe and put a quick end to the whole thing.

Looked too good to be true in the trailer:

But it’s not just the tiresome narrative style of this dystopia that bothers me. Also the Characters are so palethat I just can’t manage to feel anything like empathy. Humanity going to the dogs? No problem, but please cry quietly.

Well then, tastes differ. So maybe I’m wrong and “Extrapolations” ends up being a masterpiece that I unfairly reviled? Rather not, because the the vast majority of reviews agree with me.

At the IMDb it is only enough for 5.6 out of 10 points. Anyone who correctly classifies this score knows that the series is really bad. The pros at Rotten Tomatoes are even clearer. “Extrapolations” failed with 47 percent and was only able to convince 58 percent of the viewers to give a rather positive vote. The Metacritic figures also reflect the trend – not 57 points more.

Alternative streaming recommendation for Apple TV+

Shrinking on Apple TV+ (Trailer)

Hence the warning on my part: Save your lifetime and don’t even turn on “Extrapolations”. On the other hand, “Shrinking” is currently worthwhile on Apple TV+ from the people behind the hit “Ted Lasso”. With 8 out of 10 points (IMDb), the series not only convinces with a 1A actor like Harrison Ford, but also with good scripts (watch Shrinking on Apple TV+).

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