Cult cars before the end? Difficult decisions are pending at VW and Skoda gameandnews

Car manufacturers keep sawing off models when they have overtaken each other. But in the case of two popular models from the VW Group, external influences should soon bring them to an end. The final curtain could fall for the two brothers in 2025.

Skoda boss tough: Euro 7 attacks Fabia

The next stage of the EU emissions standard is casting its shadow: Euro 7 could pose a threat to smaller – and therefore generally cheaper – combustion models. The VW Group got through the stricter limits for emissions put two models to the test: the Skoda Fabia and the Polo.

The necessary technical developments to be able to comply with the limit values ​​would make the cars significantly more expensive. “Take the fine dust emissions from the brakes alone. In order to comply with the desired limit values, we would need one Braking system that has not yet been developed. And there are many other examples,” explains Skoda boss Klaus Zellmer (source: Auto Motor und Sport via T-Online).

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According to Auto Motor und Sport, the problem should not only affect the little Skoda darling. Because the Polo is on the same platform, the problem of the high development costs would have to be solved also meet the Volkswagen – and could mean the end for him, as VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer has already revealed.

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He had warned that, in the worst case, cheap combustion engines in particular could be affected by the stricter rules up to 5,000 euros more expensive could become. For the current Polo, almost 26,000 euros would then be due. The Fabia would jump from almost 14,000 euros to 19,000 euros – both for the entry-level variants, mind you.

E-cars cost more, Euro 7 could also drive up prices for combustion engines. Who is running?

Polo and Fabia: what can VW and Skoda do now?

More likely than such price increases for the cheapest models, however, is that the car manufacturers, as with many other models, simply Delete basic variants. That would mean that any customer looking for an affordable car would be snubbed head on.

Officially, the end for Fabia and Polo is not yet. According to the calculations of the EU Commission, Euro 7 should only cause additional development costs of a few hundred euros, not several thousand. We are excited to see what happens next for the small car legends.

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