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The merger of Saturn and MediaMarkt also has an impact on Saturn’s bonus program. From April 17, 2023, there will be a few changes: in future, loyal customers will be rewarded via the mySaturn program. The Saturn Card will then no longer be available.


mySaturn: New bonus program from Saturn

Although Saturn and MediaMarkt previously belonged to the same operator, they have been working together more and more since the beginning of the year. As part of the merger will also reorganized the bonus or loyalty programs. After MediaMarkt has already changed its MediaMarkt Club, it is now Saturn’s turn.

The innovations should take effect from April 17, 2023. In the future, loyal Saturn customers will be rewarded with a program called mySaturn. The Saturn Card was previously available from the electronics retailer, but this will not be continued. Saturn Card owners are currently being informed of this by email.

As usual participants also receive loyalty points from mySaturnwhen they buy products in-store or online. Points can also be earned from special offers. These are credited to the customer account and can be converted into a Saturn coupon.

In the future it will only be at Saturn a single level so the so-called bits no longer have to be collected (source: Saturn).


How to save money when shopping online:

mySaturn: same benefits as MediaMarkt

Saturn has not yet explained how many loyalty points are required for which coupon amount. But it can be assumed that it no difference to MediaMarkt becomes. Specifically, that would mean: For 10,000 points there is a coupon of 10 euros. At 20,000 it is 20 euros, at 50,000 it is 50 euros.

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In addition, are likely other advantages that exist at MediaMarkt, also offered to Saturn customers. That will likely include an extended 28-day return policy alongside long-term zero percent financing.

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