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When two fight, does the third one rejoice? This is currently not the case between Netflix and Disney+, because the third party and therefore also the stupid one is ultimately the paying customer. For an indefinite period of time, he loses access to parts of one of the best comedy series in recent years.


You can watch the award-winning comedy series Arrested Development on Netflix until March 14, when it will be phased out. Unusual: Netflix produced the last two seasons and yet you are now losing the broadcasting rights completely – we reported. But where can you see “Arrested Development” then?

“Arrested Development” goes from Netflix to Disney +: But something’s missing?!

This has not yet been clarified, but since the series originally came from 20th Century Fox Television and the rights are now probably moving back to Disney, a streaming start on Disney+ could be expected. Such an announcement is still pending for Germany, but at least in Great Britain it has now been confirmed that “Arrested Development” on March 22, 2023 on Disney+ runs. But there is one major limitation. Only the ones originally running on Fox first three seasons there will be. The final two Netflix-funded seasons are being held back and not releasing on Disney+ – what a mess (source: golem).

No one currently knows where seasons 4 and 5 will air in the future:

Arrested Development Season 5 – Trailer German

A disaster for fans of the series and those who might want to become one. All 5 seasons of Disney+ are disappearing from Netflix, but only the first three will come. Ergo: The fate of the missing squadrons remains unclear. It is therefore uncertain whether the two Netflix seasons will be released on Disney + at a later date.

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Series is really good

Very unfortunate, because “Arrested Development” has been able to convince critics and viewers over the years – 8.7 out of 10 points on the IMDb, and 75 percent from the Pro Critics at Rotten Tomatoes. The viewers themselves even award a full 85 percent there. In short: worth it.

So who really all 84 episodes If you want to see it, you should do so on Netflix by March 14, because it is not clear when or if all episodes will end up on Disney+ (Watch Arrested Development on Netflix). If you don’t want to wait months, as was the case with Netflix’s Marvel series, you should hurry up now.

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