Don’t buy too early – all the important sales where you can save in 2023 gameandnews

Many PC gamers have roughly in mind when Steam could start a sale or an event, after all you can often save a lot during these periods. There’s no need for guessing this year, as Valve has already announced dates to keep in mind.

Steam: Mark these sales in your calendar

There have been changes to seasonal sales on Steam over the past few months. From this year, the lunar year sale will be replaced by the spring sale, among other things, so that not too many sales follow one another. According to Valve, this would give developers more options expand the discount calendar (Source: Steam).

Pleasant for everyone: Steam has announced all planned sales for 2023. You should keep the dates in mind when expanding your library, but don’t want to pay full price:

  • Mystery Festival: 20.02. – 27.02.
  • Spring promotion: 16.03. – 23.03.
  • Festival of Riddles: 24.04. – 01.05.
  • Sports festival: 15.05. – 22.05.
  • Game preview: 19.06. – 26.06.
  • Summer promotion: 29.07. – 13.07.
  • Festival of Sneak Games: 24.07. – 31.07.
  • Festival for Visual Novels: 07.08. – 14.08.
  • Strategy Festival: 28.08. – 04.09.
  • SHMUP Festival: 25.09. – 02.10.
  • Game preview: 09.10. – 16.10.
  • Steam Scream Festival: 10/26 – 02.11.
  • Autumn promotion: 21.11. – 28.11.
  • Winter promotion: 21.12. – 04.01.

(Source: Steam)

Steam has made a sweeping move and banned cheaters:

What’s the most popular thing on Steam right now?

In recent weeks, the usual suspects such as Hogwarts Legacy, Counter Strike and Lost Ark have been high in the top sellers, but survival games are also making a big impression at the moment. This includes, on the one hand, No One Survived (watch now on Steam). A survival sandbox game with zombieswhich has been creeping through the Steam charts for weeks and, according to the positive reviews, has potential (source: Steam).

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However, the survival horror hit Sons of the Forest is currently attracting a lot of attention. Even before the release on February 23, 2023, the title topped the wish lists and shot straight away #1 Steam Top Seller. Are you curious now? You can get the early access version of the game for 28.99 euros on Steam (watch now on Steam) to back up.

You can get a first impression of the game in the trailer:

Sons Of The Forest: New Trailer

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