E-car pioneers from VW and Tesla will be replaced gameandnews

Volkswagen and Tesla are among the most successful suppliers of electric cars. But times are changing for the big names. Model 3 and the ID.3 from VW have to give up their leading role.

VW and Tesla: ID.4 and Model Y take the lead in electric cars

The VW group responsible for the most electric cars sold in Europe in 2022. VW holds the top position ahead of Tesla. The US brand has moved up to number 2, while bronze goes to the Stellantis group and its brands. VW also had support for the annual victory, for example through the e-car sales of Audi, Porsche and Skoda.

However, the tide has turned internally at both VW and Tesla: the former driving force among electric cars has been replaced. Tesla sold significantly in 2022 more Model Y streamers than Model 3, which has long been considered the most successful electric car in the world. This title was passed on to the SUV Model Y, which is also the undisputed number 1 in Europe: 137,052 pieces is what Tesla delivered in 2022, a massive 424 percent increase year-on-year (source: Jato Dynamics).

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

The situation is very similar at VW: the ID.3, the first electric car in the new ID series from Wolfsburg, was the flagship and best-selling electric car for a long time. 2022 he goes first place but to the larger ID.4 with 67,490 pieces. VW can only challenge Tesla for the top position in Europe because you have a much larger selection both under your own brand and through the other group brands.

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The two show the trend in the industry as an example: Larger cars, preferably SUVs, are in demand. In total, VW was able to deliver almost 349,147 purely electric cars, an increase of 15 percent compared to 2021. Tesla has 232,018 units, Stellantis is just behind with 230,383 electric vehicles sold.

E-cars from China are now increasingly coming onto the European market:


Toyota has no chance: Chinese arrive in Europe

The first Chinese manufacturer lands with the Geely Group in 8th place and thus plays a much smaller role than some established brands. With 78,856 pure electric cars sold in the 28 countries observed by Jato, however, Toyota, for example, is already being overshadowed.

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