E-car star burned up? Elon Musk has to pull himself together for Tesla gameandnews

Elon Musk wants to change the world and switch completely to renewable energy. So far the quintessence of the latest, third part of his master plan. While the billionaire is rolling out his utopian visions, things are not going well at e-car manufacturer Tesla. Musk needs to pull himself together.


Musk show no longer works: This is not a master plan

No matter how loud Elon Musk can be master plan – already part 3, not to forget – announce. If in the moment when it matters, then only one hodgepodge of vague ideas is presented, it makes anything but a masterful impression. Fans, investors and observers from all over the world had hoped for more.

Strategically, Tesla, the once lively electric car star, currently looks more like something sluggish bobbing barge with no clear course. We are currently waiting for the Cybertruck, the new edition of the Roadster and a first Tesla for a small wallet. Musk did not reveal anything new about any of these when presenting the third part of his master plan. It remains at just four electric cars, which are getting noticeably old. Even compared to the less ambitious competitors Tesla now often has less choice.

The result of the lack of innovations: disillusionment. After Tesla’s announced Investors Day, the share price of the electric car manufacturer went down around 10 percent. That’s just one of the problems when an entire company practically rests on the shoulders of one person. If Elon Musk once again overshoots the target, Tesla has to deliver the almost unimaginable – or fail.

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

The e-car manufacturer is currently somewhere in between: the sales figures look more than solid. With more than 1.3 million units Tesla will sell more electric cars in 2022 than ever before. The Model Y is currently the most successful electric car in the world. With its still remarkable growth, Tesla should overtake Audi this year. The German premium brand would then sell fewer cars overall – not just electric cars, but including combustion engines.

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Tesla: high price, little performance

But Tesla has to continue to deliver and do it properly. The price cuts from the beginning of the year have already given a strong boost for 2023. At the same time, Tesla e-cars can often no longer keep up with models from other well-known brands: Mercedes and BMW now deliver the most enduring Stromer. Even Tesla’s most powerful model only has to settle for 8th place. After all, at least the bread-and-butter Stromer Model Y is due for some facelift in the near future.

While other Teslas could use a complete makeover: In the current TÜV report, the safety experts found that no other was among the four most popular electric cars in Germany performs worse on the HU than Tesla’s Model 3. The US manufacturer is thus continuing its inglorious trend: the Model S was not able to convince the TÜV last year. One could conclude that a Tesla is more of a throwaway car than from a reliable companion – the longer you are on the road, the worse.

By the way: While Tesla sometimes goes uphill steeply, then suddenly down again, the boss plays yo-yo with the status of the richest person in the world. A slide in the Tesla share price throws it back one or more places, but if it then rises again, Elon Musk is right at the front again.

Of course, there can be no certainty that Tesla is going into the inexorable descent – not to speak of a crash. Elon Musk in particular has always promised a lot, but has also been able to keep promises that were considered practically impossible. It remains to be seen whether that will also be the case this time.

More than Tesla: Elon Musk has his fingers in many companies.

A Glint of Hope: Is Musk Preparing to Retire?

I’m rather skeptical about the overall picture: The Supplying the world with renewable energy is a lofty goal, but completely outside of what a single corporation can achieve. Especially since Musk did not let his cards be looked at in all his considerations, which he presented at Investors Day. The rather atypical reservedness of the eccentric makes me suspect that he has long since not thought through to the end has.

At least the Investors Day showed a good impetus: Musk has brought some variety to the usual one-man show and sometimes let his management team into the limelight during the uninformative presentation. The billionaire is also said to be looking for successors for his role as head of Twitter. Hopefully the steps will show that he too is aware that he has to pull himself together and pull himself back.

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