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Energy prices are falling again. Electricity and gas now cost significantly less than they did a few weeks ago, so that providers such as Aldi are now playing their part again. There you can get green electricity at a reasonable price, but you should still compare the prices depending on the region and consumption.

Aldi is again offering cheap electricity and gas tariffs

If you are currently still paying high discounts for electricity and gas, then you should start looking for a new provider now at the latest. The prices for electricity and gas have fallen sharply in recent weeks, so you Save hundreds of euros a year can. Ideally, you simply look at Check24 or other comparison providers to see which is the best tariff for you (compare at Check24). But I also happened to come across Aldi. They used to offer electricity and gas tariffs and are now back in the game. There you will find currently attractive prices for green electricity and green gas (look at Aldi).

Electricity and gas are now available again from Aldi. (Image source: Aldi)

While I currently pay my electricity supplier 38.90 cents per kWh for electricity and 13.60 cents per kWh for gas, I would like to know more about Aldi’s offer 32.41 cents for electricity and 11.41 cents land for gas. The difference in the basic fee is particularly large. While the price for electricity is a bit higher, I would save over 60 euros per year on gas. It is therefore worth making a very precise comparison of all prices here, not just the price per kWh. In addition, the prices may vary depending on the region. So take a look at our electricity comparison:

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From now on, the electricity price brake will also apply at 40 cents per kWh for electricity and 12 cents per kWh for gas, but only up to 80 percent of your previous year’s consumption. For the remaining 20 percent you have to pay the full price. So it is in your interest that you choose the cheapest possible provider that does not exhaust the price brakes. So you can currently save a lot of money. Here one Price guarantee of 12 months true, you are too secured for the coming wintershould prices rise again.

With a balcony power plant you can generate electricity yourself and save a lot of money:

Is it worth switching providers now?

Switching providers is worthwhile for you if you pay more than the current average. I would assume about 35 cents for electricity and less than 12 cents for gas. If you pay noticeably more, then you should switch. Basic suppliers were a good solution for the transitional period, but they do not offer a price guarantee and the prices there are moving down too slowly because the suppliers had to buy more when the prices were too high. If you want to save money, you should consider switching now.


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