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Google is under pressure from text robots like ChatGPT. Internally, the group does not seem to know how to deal with it. Employees are wondering what their own AI chatbot Bard is actually supposed to do. The priorities for the future of the search are completely unclear.


Google: The future of search is uncertain

Google was caught off guard by the success of OpenAI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT. With Bard, a competing product quickly had to be presented, which immediately made a fool of itself with wrong answers when it was introduced. How things are going with Bard at Googlereportedly even its own workforce does not know.

The uncertainty became clear at an internal meeting for which audio recordings were made public. As a result, even employees who develop Bard cannot imagine precise goals. Should Bard replace the classic search or just expand it? Is the chatbot even a search product? The group management has apparently not yet given any answers to these questions.

According to the management level, Bard did not actually want to develop an alternative to the search, but an exact goal has not yet been formulated. Exactly where Bard’s fields of application are and what their priorities have not yet been communicated. Developers themselves speak of sometimes contradictory answers from the group management (Source: CNBC).

Criticism of disorientation also comes from Jack Krawczyk, Bard’s product manager. According to him, language models can create human-looking texts without difficulty, but they cannot check the truth content themselves. Language models are simply not suitable as the main application for searching.


AI can also create images. How exactly does this work?

Google boss: Bard is an experiment

As Google CEO, Sundar Pichai has already backtracked when it comes to Bard as the future of search. According to him, the AI ​​chatbot is up to date just for an experiment. Recognizing the limitations of these products is very important.

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