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Dockhunt is a new website that should inspire every Mac user. Discovering new, special and popular Mac apps is child’s play here. The social network allows you to share your dock and see that of other users.


Dockhunt: Social network for macOS docks

Dockhunt is now available to all interested macOS users. Basically it is a social network presenting macOS docks with their apps become. Users have the opportunity to be inspired by other docks and present their own dock. Dockhunt is available as a website and as a dedicated macOS app. The declared goal is to help users discover new apps (source: Dockhunt).

Dockhunt itself is quite simple. Docks uploaded by other users can be viewed and individual apps can be clicked on. Each app has its own subpage with further information. Also to one Overview of the most popular apps the developers thought. Unsurprisingly, apps like Slack, Chrome, Visual Studio Code, and Noto can be found here.

Max Musing, one of the creators of Dockhunt, describes the network as a “fun way” for people to connect through their favorite applications. Clicking on an application will bring up other users who also have that application in their Dock.

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macOS: How to join Dockhunt

There are two different ways to upload your own dock. For one, it can Dockhunt desktop application downloaded second, the npx dockhunt command can be run in the Terminal application if Node.js is installed on the Mac. After adding the dock to the website, the user receives a unique URL that can be shared on social media, for example.

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