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Fabledom is a fairytale building game reminiscent of Banished and Foundation. The special feature: In this city builder you will not only build a magical village, but you also have to take care of romances.

Do you love Banished, The Settlers or Foundation? Then you should take a closer look at fabledom throw, a relaxed strategy game with a fairytale setting.

Fabledom: build, marry and kick back

A literal awaits you in Fabledom fairytale country full of giants, witches and… well… flying pigs. In the spirit of a development game, you design your settlement, let it grow and at the same time have to make diplomatic decisions in trade.

Your citizens (or fables) are rather simple people who value the following above all: a home, food and love. Fabledom emphasizes romance and outspokennesswhereby her among other things also a Choose a prince or a princess for you have to, with whom you will then rule.

You will also choose a hero and a city guard to defend your sweet home and to open up new areas. But Fabledom will certainly not be very difficult: Rather, it is important here to let yourself be captured by the pretty fairytale world and relax while playing. A (somewhat cheeky) narrator accompanies you, who makes the whole thing a little more homely.

Interest? Check out the trailer for Fabledom:

Fabledom: Gameplay Trailer

Incidentally, the publisher of Fabledom is not a blank slate: Dear Villagers previously presented The Forgotten City, which at least won a few awards.

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To get a taste of the game, you can free Fabledom Demo on Steam try out. Although there is no final release date, but Fabledom is scheduled for release in Q1 2023i.e. by the end of March at the latest.

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