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Sending letters via Deutsche Post will soon cost customers more than before – and not because of one of the usual postage increases. The reason is a change in the delivery model to two-class delivery, which is currently being discussed at Swiss Post. But first there is one more hurdle to clear.

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Two-class delivery: Deutsche Post charges a fee for fast delivery

The Two-class mail delivery could soon become reality at Deutsche Post. At least that’s what HR manager Thomas Ogilvie wants. “The consumer can decide at what speed his letter is transported. In terms of the range of offers, I think that’s a good step,” the manager told the newspapers of the Funke media group (via daily News).

The cumbersome term conceals a fundamental reversal at Swiss Post. So far, the former state-owned company has actually had to handle at least 80 percent of its mailings deliver the next day. That’s what the postal law wants. However, this is to be revised and could then allow two-class delivery: Here the sender decides how quickly a letter should be delivered.

The faster shipping by express letter should then more expensive for consumers become. According to Ogilvie, the system has been tested in many European countries and their postal service providers. It is still unclear how much more expensive such a quick letter could be for German consumers.

If Swiss Post no longer delivers letters everywhere, the competition could be in demand:

In all likelihood, faster would also mean just as quickly as letters are normally sent today. What is likely is that today’s standard shipping will become an express option, which will then cost more. If you want to pay less, you would have to live with a correspondingly longer delivery time.

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Increase in costs at the post office: no end in sight

In any case, Swiss Post has only rarely been able to comply with the 80 percent rule. The number of complaints about Deutsche Post is going through the roof. At the same time, the quantities of letters transported by the post office are declining also in the future with rising prices should make noticeable. Reasons for the problems with the delivery is also a lack of staff. This in turn is also reflected in the declining number of post offices. In extreme cases, Swiss Post would even consider withdrawing from nationwide letter delivery.

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