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Two years ago, Amazon Prime Video surprised everyone with a very special format, a kind of documentary series. The focus is on the well-known British presenter Jeremy Clarkson and his farm. What didn’t sound very exciting at first turned out to be a real hit. Now finally the 2nd season of “Clarkson’s Farm” follows.

Former and world-renowned Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson (later “The Grand Tour”) goes among the farmers and tries his hand at running his own farm. Quasi the “Farming Simulator” for real. Who wants to see something like this?

Now on Amazon Prime Video: Season 2 of “Clarkson’s Farm”

As it turned out, a lot of people, because the Amazon Prime Video documentary series turned out to be a real surprise hit in the summer of 2021. Not only because the series was very entertaining, but also because “Clarkson’s Farm” touched and took the viewers with them and warmed them to the problems of today’s agriculture. Not only media critics were correspondingly enthusiastic, British farmers also paid their respects.

To put it in numbers, Clarkson’s Farm scores insanely well on the IMDb – 9 out of 10 points. The critics at Rotten Tomatoes are even better, because they are actually 100 percent satisfied, the viewers give 97 percent approval. In short: the documentary series is entertaining and informative at the same time, a balancing act that only a few formats can master.

It was already in July 2021 2nd season for sure, a third season was subsequently confirmed in October 2022. It was still unclear: when will season 2 finally appear on Amazon Prime Video? The question was answered in the trailer:

already on Friday February 10th, it was time. Now there’s a reunion with Jeremy Clarkson, his right-hand man Kaleb Cooper and all the other unique characters – all non-actors, real people and originals (watch on Amazon Prime Video).

A little tip: OmU is popular

As you can see in the trailer, Jeremy Clarkson is still quite inexperienced and now even tries to be a cowboy in cattle herding. Another tip from us: Be sure to watch the original series, i.e. in English with subtitles (OmU). This is the only way to fully appreciate the charm of “Clarkson’s Farm”.

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