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Netflix customers have been worried for months: when will the streaming service get serious and ask for more money for shared accounts? In the first countries, the price surcharge is now fixed – and it’s tough. Customers in Germany should also expect a price shock.


Account sharing before the end: Netflix takes heavy surcharges on the subscription price

Netflix hasn’t officially announced how much that will cost yet account sharing will cost for German customers. The only thing that is clear is that there will be a surcharge for memberships that are used more than once. In other countries, on the other hand, the streaming service has now nailed it – and it gets noticeably expensive:

  • Canada: 7.99 Canadian dollars surcharge
  • New Zealand: NZ$7.99 surcharge
  • Spain: 5.99 euros surcharge
  • Portugal: 3.99 euros surcharge

This makes it clear that Netflix sometimes charges very different prices for shared accounts. The surcharges count per additional viewer outside of your own household (source: Macrumors). Technically, however, it will be more understandable whether another household uses the account. Netflix wants to track the IP addresses, but also the device IDs of the users. Regular use of the account from the main residence should also play a role.

But you should be able to continue using Netflix as usual when you travel, for example. According to Macrumors, there will be one about once a month Registration in the home WLAN network with mobile devices may be necessary so that the streaming service does not identify you as a “stranger”.

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Converted from Canada, there would be a surcharge of over 5 euros for Germany. If you take the surcharge from New Zealand a little less than 5 euros. But in our opinion the Spanish price – and thus the highest – is most likely for German customers. Otherwise, the same prices are charged in Spain as in Germany. For many German customers, it should also be important how Netflix proceeds if you have completed your subscription in combination with another provider (view Netflix in the subscription on Sky).


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Netflix wants to cash in – and takes the risk

With the move, the streaming service wants to appeal to its existing customers earn more – or ensure that the number of subscriptions increases. Because certainly not every subscriber will simply accept this price increase for friends or family members watching along. If they then get their own subscription, the cash register will ring again at Netflix.

Conversely, the move could also cost the streaming service dearly. Namely, if existing customers also take this price increase as an opportunity Turning your back on Netflix. While previously it was possible to share the cost of a subscription with others, even if it was never expressly permitted by Netflix, this option is now becoming significantly less attractive – and thus an opportunity to save. If, as expected, Netflix charges the same price for Germany as in Spain, a own advertising subscription is already the cheaper alternative.

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