For owners of Pixel phones: Google is giving away a special gift gameandnews

Google is giving some Pixel phone owners a special AI gift. You’ll soon be ahead of everyone else using Bard, Google’s competitor chatbot to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But Google hasn’t opened the gates yet


Google bard for pixel superfans

Google is offering select Pixel superfans one early access to his chatbot Bardwhich aims to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Some users already have one Received an email with an invitation. You’ll be able to use Bard once Google’s text robot is available, which isn’t the case for now. At the same time, they are encouraged to leave feedback so that Google can improve its text robot.

When exactly Google will unlock access for pixel superfans is not yet known. But it shouldn’t be long now. The fact that Google is already looking for participants can be taken as an indication that Bard in the near future also made available to the general public becomes. The group is keeping a low profile in this regard.

The invitation states that Bard is an “early experiment by Google” (source: 9to5Google). In this context, Google also points out that language models “don’t always do everything right”. During Bard’s first presentation, the chatbot made a mistake that temporarily sent Google’s share price plummeting.

There will also be Bard on the latest Pixel phone:

Google starts AI offensive

Besides Bard is from Google Expect more new AI features, especially when searching. Details on this have not yet been published.

Recently it was announced that Google AI-supported functions on Gmail and Docs want to introduce. Artificial intelligence is supposed to help with writing emails and documents. Initially, the functions will only be available in the USA and in English.

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